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No fake zone!

Jay-Z has gone viral after he refused to sign a “fake” vinyl. In a newly surfaced video, Jay-Z was spotted outside of his office in New York City. In the video, he was seen interacting with a group of fans and signing autographs. He was seemingly signing copies of his albums vinyls.

It wasn’t until he spotted what he claimed was a fake copy. You can hear Hov say, “alright guys, that’s it. Two more.” As he was preparing to wrap up before he turned around to a fan and mentions  “that one ain’t even real” as he walks away.

Now we know Hov is about his business and he’s taking it to the next level. Reports claim the billionaire is planning to open a casino in New York City. It’s slated to be called “Caesars Palace Times Square.” Restaurants and entertainment venues would be located on the casino floors, and the structure above would be transformed into an 800-room, five-star hotel.