Wack 100 Encourages Ray J To Jump Off Cliff After Suicide Scare

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[Warning: This text includes references to suicide and self-harm, which some readers might feel triggers for]

“Wack 100” has advised Ray J to leap off a cliff following the R&B singer posted suicide thoughts via the Instagram page.

The “Sexy Can I” singer posted several disturbing statements in a post on Instagram the day before (October 6) that frightened his followers. In one of the videos, Ray J is seen perched on a ledge, looking down at the full moon.

“If it wasn’t for my kids I would jump off and die tonight,” he wrote in the caption.

Another video shows Ray J dangling his feet from the same edge. “SHOULD I just leap off and stop it. Now!!! ??? ?” he wrote in the now deleted post.

The Neighborhood Talkwas in a position to record the posts prior to them being deleted. We also noticed it was Wack 100, who was as Ray J’s manager during his early years of career and encouraged his former client’s comments to keep up the good work.


Ray J’s star sister Brandy was also seen commenting on his blog post, writing “Need you bro,” with an emoji of prayer hands.

A representative from the Ray J camp later confirmed to the TMZ that the singer was at home with his family and was perfectly, and was having a drink or “messing around” at the moment of the incident.

It’s not the first time that Wack 100’s comments have caused a lot of criticism. The controversial music director has garnered headlines in the past , for his negative remarks regarding the Late Nipsey Hussle, including the fact that his name “wasn’t a legend” at the time of his death.

“The man passed away with over one million followers. There were no radio hits, platinum hits, and no world tour,” Wack said at the time. “After his death in the year 2000, he was platinum-certified, selling a lot of records, and his followers grew to 9-10 million.

“Was was he headed for the hills? I believe that within a short time it would have been. When he was at the time of his death … we must keep it honest. The truth isn’t as simple as disrespect. If it’s disrespect, it is a sign that you’re lying to yourself and your muthafuckin’ self.”

Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince and Larry Hoover Jr. recently made an appearance on their show million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast and revealed that they were sick with the commentary of Wack about Hip Hop culture.

“I see a n-gga get on a podcast with another rat and go off on 21 Savage,” Prince revealed in June. “I’m thinking, ‘Oh this n-gga had diarrhea in the mouth. He’s got a lot of shit, isn’t he. He’s the kind of n-gga who’ll have a shit on the crib then blame it all on his baby. Imagine this. You grab one of the shits in the bed and say “That’s the baby’s shit. This is the way he tries to alter the narrative and other shit about facts.”

Ray J Calls Out Diddy Over Kanye West Spat

In the case of Ray J, he recently was in the news for divulging a number of text messages that involved Kim Kardashian and Kanye West regarding Kim’s notorious tape with sex. The subject was revisited after the footage was released within the latest Hulu docu-series “The Kardashians.” Kardashiansimplied Ray J had tried to leak content from the famous tape.

A few days after sharing his conversations in the comments section, the singer has accused Kris Jenner of trying to stop his in-depth details regarding the issue by putting his Instagram account blocked.

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