[WATCH] Allstar JR Releases New Creative Video “Run Through It”

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In his new music video “Run Through It,” Allstar JR stands out from the rest of the pack. JR sets the stage for his eagerly anticipating album Organized Crime 2 with amazing lyrics, stunning visuals and an iconic track. The Detroit-born rapper has an impeccable record of his choices of production. Helluva is a multi-Platinum super producer, has created his latest hit song. Helluva could be the the AllstarJR’s Phil Jackson if he were looking to become his own Michael Jordan of the rap game. The experienced team ensures they make the most of each project.

“Run Through It” exemplifies all that is distinctive about JR. He is very satisfied with his ability to make music that has a high repetition, even though JR is able to be bar-to-bar with any rapper. He chooses carefully the most effective music to match his infectious voice through his love of music. The well-known MC is seen enjoying time with his pals at the local petrol station. In his latest video, the filmmaker makes use of humor to discuss the problem of addiction to opioids even though the photo is an attempt at spoofing.

He’s ready to take back the reigns in Organized Crime 2, after the show’s riots on Get A Bag or Go Home 3.. This Motor City legend’s musical vision is unbound. In the meantime, Allstar JR keeps his loyal fans happy with his consistent music and top-quality graphic designs created by his crew with the Get A Bag Film Group.


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