[WATCH] Elijah McClain’s Shocking Cause Of Death Revealed

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Elijah McClain’s autopsy revealed that his fatality was caused due to a ketamine injection after being forced to restrain him. The dose was excessive for his body’s weight and resulted in an overdose.

On the 24th of August. 24 on the 24th of August in 2019, officers responded to a report of someone suspicious and placed McClain the massage therapist, into the chokehold. Paramedics followed up and administered ketamine to him which is a powerful sedative. He passed away a week afterward.

A new autopsy report, released on the day before disclosed Elijah McClain, a 23-year-old Black man who was killed in an encounter with police officers, passed away due to being injected with ketoamine by paramedics following being restraining him with force.


“I believe this tragic fatality is most likely the result of ketamine toxicity,” the report stated, noting that McClain received a higher dose of the drug than what he should have. “Simply put, this dosage of ketamine was too much for this individual and it resulted in an overdose.”

The autopsy report that was originally submitted which was filed on November. 7 2019 by McClain, stated that the cause of death couldn’t be determined. However, new information discovered in the course of a grand juror investigation caused the office of the state attorney general to request an autopsy again.

The report was amended one month following Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced that two police officers, a former officer , and two paramedics from Aurora, a Denver suburban area known as Aurora were indicted. They will be accused of one count each of manslaughter and criminally negligent murder along with other charges in the indictment of 32 counts.

“The opinions expressed were based upon information available at the time. Since then, the office has received more information to be reviewed, including body camera footage of a large extent witnesses’ statements, as well as additional documents,” the report said. “It is worth noting that these materials had been requested prior to release of the initial autopsy but the material was either not provided to us or not provided to us in their entirety.”

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