[WATCH] G.T. Showcases Impressive Set of Cars in “Without It” Video

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With the release of his newest song, “Without It,” G.T. is back. Few people are as reliable as G.T., the golden child of Motor City. He constantly thinks of new, more effective ways to deliver stories than slick production. G.T.’s outstanding automobile collection ensures that his graphics never lack excitement. He is prepared to begin releasing his album following his excellent collaborations with underground Hip-Hop superstar Curren$y and Q.C.’s newest signee, Baby Money.

The music video for G.T. perfectly captures what it’s like to rule one of America’s biggest music scenes. Talent like Veeze, Icewear Vezzo, Allstar J.R., and many others are abundant in the Detroit music scene. What many people don’t realize is that G.T. is frequently the link between the city and some of the best performers in the business. G.T. is prepared for a huge 2023 after touring the country with his fellow Wavy Gang sibling Babyface Ray. Prior to the release of his new album, Money Counter Music Vol. 2, he is locked and loaded with heat.

You can see the new video below.


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