[WATCH] Malcs Releases New Video “I Have To Keep Fightin’ (I Know)”

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Each artist has their own story and Malcs has been the most unique you could be. The Maryland native was able to achieve early success in the background with musicians like 42 Dugg, Yo Gotti and Moneybagg Yo and many more.

Malcs has quietly created an unique setting that gives an environment that others can only imagine. Malcs emerges from the shadows with his song as well as the video “I Have To Keep Fightin’ (I Know),” the first single from his forthcoming album, The Rest Is History.

The musician who’s been a household name for his work on the corporate and business side that of the industry is now making his full debut. This project is the perfect beginning and is quickly becoming popular with labels sets and industry insiders. which he’s accustomed to.

Malcs hopes to grow his audience and take on the role of the real artist-executive definition to break into the mainstream. He is hoping to reach the same success on his own using the knowledge that he’s gathered from managing the marketing of several of the most popular artists.


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