[WATCH] Rapper Latto Receiving Backlash Following Her Comment 9-Year-Old Reporter

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Rapper Latto was previously Miss Mulatto, the winner of Jermaine Dupri’s Lifetime reality show The Rap Game, is being criticized via social networks. The 23-year-old has refused to sign an album deal with Dupri however, she has seen huge popularity following the reality show.

Latto is currently in hot water because she tried to explain the “sexually liberated” lifestyle to a fashion reporter aged 9.

Latto said the comment during an NYFW interview by 9 year old Taylen Biggs, who was interviewing famous people to Harper’s Baazar magazine.

“How would you describe your personal style?” the adorable toddler asked the 23-year-old “Big Energy” rapper.


“I believe I’m real. I believe I’m a modern, sexually free women. We’ll discuss that later,” Latto told the minor.

The social media community has acknowledged that this was not the right message for a grown-up to send to a girl who is 9 years old.

One user on Twitter wrote “Love Latto but this wouldn’t have been my answer for a little girl.”

Someone else wrote:

“This was a very insensitive. The phrase “I’m a very real and free-spirited person’ could have been appropriate for a child of that is his age. It’s no longer understood that there is a place and time for all things.”

How do you feel of Latto’s answer?

Watch below.

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