In a strategic corporate partnership, Dunkin’ Donuts has collaborated with rapper Ice Spice to launch a new beverage inspired by the artist’s immense popularity and her contentious fanbase name. The drink, named ‘The Munchkins’ after Ice Spice’s hit single “Munch,” now has its own branded beverage. Dunkin’ promoted the new drink with a comical commercial featuring brand ambassador Ben Affleck, Ice Spice herself, and some generational humor, with Affleck referencing Vanilla Ice, whom the 23-year-old rapper may not be familiar with.

So, what exactly is in the Munchkin Drink? Given its autumn release and the connection to “spice,” it’s safe to assume it involves the fall favorite, pumpkin spice. But what else is in it? According to the brand’s PR and some investigative work by fans on Instagram, the frozen beverage consists of Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee and something called Pumpkin Munchkins, which are described as “donut hole treats” on a supposed recipe card. The drink is mixed with a caramel drizzle inside, then topped with whipped cream and another caramel drizzle for an extra touch.

The Munchkin Drink will be available for a limited period, from September 13 to October 31, as stated in the post above. After this period, it’s expected that the menu will shift towards a peppermint mocha for the Christmas season. This year has indeed flown by quickly.

You can watch the commercial for the Ice Spice Munchkins Drink above.