Doja Cat’s fourth studio album, “Scarlet,” is set to release in a few hours and the excitement among fans is palpable. Despite some of Doja’s antics during the album’s rollout that were meant to throw off some fans, her loyal followers have been captivated by her bold singles. These include “Attention,” “Paint The Town Red,” “Demons,” and most recently, “Balut.”

However, the last single, “Balut,” has left some fans puzzled about its meaning. This could be due to its title referencing a Filipino street dish or fans trying to understand how the title relates to the song’s content.

“Balut” is a traditional Filipino dish, which is a boiled or steamed fertilized duck or chicken egg. The embryo is incubated for 14 to 21 days, then steamed or boiled and eaten directly from its shell, often with vinegar or salt. The longer the embryo is incubated, the more it resembles a bird.

Doja’s clever use of the term “Balut” stems from the sharp nature of the song’s lyrics. In the verses, she throws such biting insults as, “I’m the shit, you a real piece of shit / I am needed, you a real needy bitch / I’m competing, you are incompetent / You are fleeting ’cause you can’t copy this.” On Instagram Stories, Doja explained that she named the song ‘Balut’ as it symbolizes a bird that’s being eaten alive. She used it as a metaphor for Twitter fans and the end of Twitter toxicity.

However, her explanation upset some Filipino fans who felt it was a misrepresentation of balut. What was supposed to be a moment of cultural pride turned into a learning opportunity for Doja, as fans clarified that the duck embryos are not alive when consumed.