After weeks of constant talks about Doja Cat’s forthcoming album, the project’s release just may be on the horizon. Last night, the Grammy Award-winning musician’s record label mistakenly spilled the beans about Doja’s lead single. Although the entertainer has walked back the title of the project’s title and its classified genre, based on the marketing error, fans learned the song’s name and release date.

So, what is Doja Cat’s new single’s official release date? After her record company deactivated the rapper’s pre-save link, Doja Cat took to Twitter to share the track’s cover art. The artwork was captioned, “6.16.23 [blood drop emoji],” essentially confirming the label’s initial campaign blast.

When she first shared that a new album was in the works during interviews, her sonic influences changed from rave-influenced, rap, R&B, punk, to simply not pop. At the time the only concrete thing about the album was its title, Hellmouth, but Doja Cat later walked that back, saying, “The whole album is no longer rap yall its rock/spoken word, and the album title is not Hellmouth anymore.” The musician later sarcastically announced it would be called Moist Holes.

Outside of Doja sharing the single’s cover art and pending release date, nothing further is known about the single at this time.