Doja Cat has released her highly anticipated fourth studio album, “Scarlet”. The album covers a range of topics including her complex relationship with her fans and the rumors that have followed her throughout her career. Many listeners have previously expressed their disapproval of the imagery used in her music and visuals. In response, Doja addresses these comments and rumors in a new song from “Scarlet” titled “Skull And Bones”.

In “Skull And Bones”, Doja Cat seemingly denies the notion that she sold her soul for fame or success in the first verse. She raps, “The only thing that I sold was a record / The only thing I folded under was pressure / Can I say I digress? You the aggressor / Now y’all say y’all impressed I’m the successor / I don’t need no intervention or one of ya lectures.”

In the second verse, she asserts that she is God’s favorite and doesn’t need to resort to satanic forces to achieve her career success. She raps, “Trust me baby, God don’t play with hate like that / So you gonna be real upset when he pick Cat / to be the one up on them charts all over the map.”

“Scarlet” is now available via RCA. More information can be found here.