Jay-Z, a dominant figure in the hip-hop scene for almost three decades, has built a vast empire that includes thirteen albums, the influential Roc Nation brand, and a profitable partnership with the NFL. This journey started with his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. Born Shawn Carter in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects in December 1969, Jay-Z’s success story is nothing short of impressive. However, many fans often wonder how “Shawn Carter” became “Jay-Z”.

Before he became the renowned Jay-Z, Grammy Award-winning artist, platinum-selling co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, President of Def Jam, or founder/owner of Roc Nation, Carter worked as a hype man and sidekick for a more established rapper named Jaz-O. His association with Jaz and his early rhyme style, which mirrored jazz singers’ scatting, earned him the nickname Jazzy. He later adapted this to Jay-Z as he sought a fitting stage name.

As Jay-Z, he made his first appearances on Jaz-O’s records like “Hawaiian Sophie” and “The Originators” in the late ’80s and with Big Daddy Kane on Kane’s 1994 record “Show And Prove”. He performed with Kane during this period while looking for a record deal. When no deal materialized, he teamed up with Dame Dash and Biggs Burke to establish Roc-A-Fella Records and release their music independently. The rest is history. Today, Jay-Z is a household name and a sought-after partner in the music industry.

Source: uproxx.com