Lil Wayne is renowned for being one of the most prolific rap artists, even in today’s era of frequent releases, special editions, and streaming re-releases that provide listeners with a plethora of options. Despite his last album, Funeral, being released over three years ago, this hiatus has only allowed him more time to create new music.

His upcoming release is reportedly titled Tha Fix Before Tha VI. Although details about this project are scarce, it is understood to be a precursor to his forthcoming sixth installment of Tha Carter.

The release date for Tha Fix Before Tha VI remains unknown. Lil Wayne shared a link to a pre-save page for the project, but due to his reluctance to self-promote on social media, there is little information available about when it will be released. After pre-saving, fans can opt to join the artist’s mailing list, but a search for the project on Apple Music, Google, or Spotify yields few results.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the release date of Tha Fix Before Tha VI, it’s clear that Lil Wayne has a wealth of new material in the works, as expected from an artist known for his productivity.