If you have spent any time over the past month wondering just WTF Kanekalon is, odds are, you have been exposed to Flyana Boss’s inescapable viral single “You Wish.” At this point, it’d be kind of difficult to be online and not have been; the song, which the self-declared “weird girl” rap duo released two weeks ago, has been going crazy on just about every social media platform courtesy of their distinctive marketing strategy.

To date, Flyana Boss — consisting of best friends Bobbi Lanea of Detroit and Folayan Kunerede of Dallas — has released at least nine lyrics videos for the song in which they are seen running through seemingly random locations such as a grocery store, a local fair, McDonald’s, and, perhaps most infamously, Disney World. The fisheye lens, perfectly-timed long shot, and dynamic angle all make for a striking visual that not only gets the viewer’s attention but also invites them to try it out themselves.

It helps that Flyana Boss is a visually striking duo — pink hair, bleached eyebrows, and elf ears are all parts of the Gen Z, born-online aesthetic, and are not just recognizable but relatable to anyone who delved deeply into Tumblr or other internet subcultures in the past decade or so — and that their lyrics are flippant, fun, and deceptively clever. Think double Doja Cats or Rico Nasty in full sugar trap mode.

Take that reference to Kanekalon. A synthetic fiber developed by the Kaneka corporation, it’s been used to create dreadlock extensions of the variety sported by the rappers of Flyana Boss, connoting an inside joke that would only be caught by folks who come from one of the handful of subcultures that identify with their wear.

Meanwhile, the besties’ sense of fun is palpable through the camera — everything feels organic because you get the sense that they’re just being themselves. Spend an hour on TikTok and you’re likely to see dozens of young people like them: avid fans of Disney, anime, fantasy, and the artifacts of hyper-online pop culture like Vaporwave and the VSCO aesthetic. Their vibe is like a perfect distillation of the chaotic energy younger millennials and Zoomers embrace as par for the course.

They’re showing no signs of slowing down, either. With more “You Wish” videos going viral seemingly by the day, and scores of new fans passionately praising their cheeky, DIY approach, Flyana Boss is going places — including the Happiest Place On Earth.

Flyana Boss is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

Source: uproxx.com