Lil Yachty, the rapper known for his hit “Tesla,” is about to embark on his global “The Field Trip Tour.” Starting on September 21, the tour will include 39 dates across North America and Europe. When the tour was first announced in May, it was unclear who would be the opening acts. However, a recent update on Lil Yachty’s official Instagram page revealed that Nick Hakim, Jean Dawson, and Nala Sinephro will be supporting him.

Nick Hakim will be the sole opening act for the North American leg of the tour. The “Happen” musician, born to a Chilean mother and Peruvian father, is known for his unique sound that draws from his diverse cultural background and the vibrant music scene of his hometown, Washington, DC. Since relocating to Brooklyn, New York, Hakim has been at the forefront of the region’s push for musical fluidity. His latest album, “COMETA,” is a testament to his creative exploration.

Jean Dawson will join “The Field Trip Tour” as a supporting act when it reaches Europe in November. Dawson’s music aligns well with Lil Yachty’s experimental style. His previous works — “Chaos Now*,” “Pixel Bath,” “Bath Sports” — and his upcoming collaboration with singer SZA reflect his diverse musical interests. Born in Tijuana, Mexico and now based in San Diego, California, Dawson, who is of Black and Mexican descent, seeks to honor both cultures in his music.

Nala Sinephro will only perform at the London stop of the tour. Based in England, her music is a must-listen. While other acts on the tour incorporate alternative elements into their work, Sinephro focuses on jazz. The Caribbean-Belgian multi-instrumentalist pushes the boundaries of the genre with her technical skills on the pedal harp, modular synthesizer, keyboards, and piano, as showcased in her 2021 debut album “Space 1.8.”

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