Why Has Gunna Not Been Granted Bond?

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As Gunna awaits trial on the racketeering charges against him and the rest of YSL, the Atlanta rapper has put in his third request for a bond hearing after previously having his request for bond rejected by the Fulton County Superior Court. His latest motion for bond, filed on September 26, argued, “The State has presented no evidence to support its claims of dangerousness and has dismissed the only serious overt act that was present when the first bond hearing was held.”

So, why was Gunna denied bond?

The first time that Gunna was denied bond was in May, almost immediately after he surrendered to authorities after being named alongside 27 others in an 88-page indictment alleging 56 counts of conspiracy to violate the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act. According to local news, the presiding judge called the rapper a flight risk, and during a hearing to set a trial date, prosecutors accused Gunna of holding a “command” role in the alleged hybrid street gang. The judge at that hearing said his biggest concern with granting bond was potential witness tampering.

Gunna was denied bond again in July, arguing again that the rapper could use his influence to intimidate witnesses. In his latest motion for bond, Gunna points out that prosecutors haven’t provided any evidence that he poses a threat, but whatever the outcome, he’s expected to go on trial on January 9, 2023.

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