Why Is Kanye West Mad At Diddy?

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The most recent development of Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” campaign which is where Kanye West continues to defend himself from wearing a shirt with a questionable slogan during an event for fashion was made public this morning, when the rapper shared images of his unhinged sequence of text responses to Diddy. “This ain’t a game,” Kanye stated. “I told you this is war,” Kanye added and added “Nobody gets between me and my money.”

Diddy tried to make contact with Ye in person however, Ye was not having it. He ended their conversation with a statement “Anything you message I will publish. I am so grateful for you. You guys are breaking my heart. I appreciate your apology in the earliest possible time.” What’s the real reason Kanye West angry with Diddy and what’s going on?

Why Is Kanye West Mad At Diddy?

It all started with Diddy trying to be a kind of peacekeeper for Kanye but in a somewhat unorthodox fashion. The first time was on Wednesday, October 5, Diddy appeared on The Breakfast Clubradio show to try and explain Kanye’s behavior, and the whole White Lives Matter stunt. “Kanye, my boy, is a super, super, super free thinker and a lot of times, what he means is, like, misconstrued,” Diddy stated. He added that he’s delaying the release date of his t-shirt he was planning to release to honor Kanye and said, “I just need a couple of days to get over this [White Lives Matter] T-shirt,” Diddy declared.

It seems that Kanye wasn’t always a member of his own Breakfast Club,as much as he resisted Diddy’s Instagram post from Thursday that exaggerated the sentiment that he attempted to spread on the radio. It appeared to add his list of celebrities who have criticized Kanye’s prank.

“I am not about to be addressing every last thing that’s going on in the world on the internet, but the thing I do have to address is this ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt,” Diddy stated on the clip. “I am always there, and I will also stand with the brother Kanye as an independent thinker. However, with the ‘White Lives matter shirt is not something I wear it. Do you know what I’m saying”? I’m not happy with it, with the media or the fashion industry believing that this is just an absurdity, but currently, all America has in store for us is incarceration, poverty and even death. Before I go on about any other ‘Lives Matter that is, means all lives matter, know what I’m talking about? It’s that Black Lives Matter, don’t play around with it. Wear the shirt in a different way, do not buy the shirt, and don’t play around with the shirt. This isn’t a joke.”

It’s a risk to go on a limb however, using social media to discuss you think Kanye West is doing isn’t the most effective method to communicate with Kanye West. Kanye isn’t the most moral person around at the moment, and that’s the reason why Diddy’s tweet got swift “N **** F*ck youuu” from Ye.

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