Drake’s upcoming album, “For All The Dogs,” now has a confirmed release date following months of uncertainty. The album’s launch was initially postponed by Drake to allow him more time to complete his tour and the album itself. However, he compensated for this delay by releasing the album’s single, “Slime You Out.”

As the album’s release is just a fortnight away, fans may be curious if Drake plans to release it on vinyl, a trend that many of his peers have followed for their much-awaited releases. However, this seems unlikely as Drake has mentioned that the album is not yet complete and the time required to produce and distribute vinyl records may not permit a release before October 6. Known for completing his albums at the eleventh hour, fans should not anticipate seeing “For All The Dogs” 12″ vinyl records on sale at Target anytime soon.

Drake’s last project to be released on vinyl was “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” in 2020. His albums “Her Loss” and “Honestly, Nevermind” were only released on CDs, nine months and four months after their streaming release respectively (CDs for both were released on March 17, 2023). On a positive note, Drake’s father Dennis Graham has praised it as the best music he’s heard from Drake, while Lil Yachty has hinted at some controversial topics. Fans have just two weeks left to see if these claims hold true; “For All The Dogs” is set to release on October 6 on OVO/Republic.

Source: uproxx.com