Rap music fans are reportedly growing weary of samples, whether they’re interpolations, loops, or vocal modifications. However, it seems that sample clearance issues could be preventing a classic mixtape from being available on streaming platforms.

Fabian Marasciullo, Lil Wayne’s long-term engineer, sparked rumors that Lil Wayne’s “Da Drought 3” might soon be available on Digital Service Providers (DSPs). He posted a video on his Instagram Stories with the caption: “A new mix on a classic.” Fans recognized the song as “Ride for My N****s (Sky is the Limit),” which is featured on the project, and began to question if Wayne would follow Nicki Minaj’s example by re-releasing the tape. Marasciullo has not responded to these speculations.

The process of obtaining clearance for samples used in mixtapes can be a legal nightmare, which is why many mixtapes never make it onto streaming platforms. However, a recent clip suggests that Lil Wayne’s “Da Drought 3” could be an exception.

“Da Drought 3,” first released on April 13, 2007, was Wayne’s sixth mixtape and the third in the series. Before his mixtape era, Wayne had already made a name for himself as a successful artist with Hot Boys on Cash Money Records. The mixtapes took his career to new heights. However, during an interview with The Pivot Podcast on July 11, he indicated that he probably wouldn’t release any more mixtapes.

Wayne explained that once a song is released, artists often want it to be a single and are willing to pay for it to be taken off streaming platforms. This changes the nature of the remix and takes away from what he was doing with his mixtapes.

If “Da Drought 3” does become available for streaming, fans will have another opportunity to appreciate Wayne’s lyrical prowess. The original two-disc mixtape tracklist is included below.

Source: uproxx.com