With the release of his new single, “KPop,” Travis Scott fans’ anticipation for the rapper’s upcoming album, Utopia, has just ballooned. Although the musician’s previously announced concert at Egypt’s Great Pyramids of Giza in Eygpt seems to be in trouble, that isn’t the only way to see Scott’s high-energy stage show. So when will Travis Scott go on a stadium tour run for the album Utopia?

According to an Easter egg in the “KPop” music video, you won’t have to wait much longer. The visual — filmed at the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, France — revealed signage suggesting that Scott was in the midst of rehearsals for the Utopia Stadium Tour. No date appears on the banners plastered around the venue. Still, these graphics were strategically placed for a reason, it would seem, just as with the mystery billboards that appeared around different cities, suggesting that July 21 would mark a huge date for Scott.

That wasn’t the only Easter egg hidden within the video for the track. Shortly after the 30-second mark, the entertainer strikes a pose while the motorcyclist performs a daring stunt. While most would draw their attention to the cyclist, Scott’s wardrobe that you should be taking notes on. On his feet is a pair of “Cut The Check” sneakers, his latest footwear collaboration with the Jordan brand.

Although Scott hasn’t confirmed when his album, tour, or sneaker will be released, fans speculate that his headlining set at Rolling Loud Miami 2023 tomorrow (June 22) will reveal more details.

Source: uproxx.com