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Wiz Khalifa isn’t here for people who jump on their soap boxes to preach about post-smoking life when it hasn’t even been that long since they quit.

The Taylor Gang rapper made the PSA on his Instagram Story on Wednesday (January 11). While he’s open to the idea that quitting can be life-changing, he’s not trying to hear it from someone unless they’ve put the herb down for at least a decade.

“Check this out: if you smoked weed for the majority of your life and you just stopped smoking weed, don’t try to convince everybody that your life has changed so much just ‘cause you quit smoking weed, dog,” Wiz began. “That shit – it don’t happen that fast. Tap in about 15 years when the effects really kick in. A year, a couple days, a few months… That ain’t long enough to see no progress, fam. Straight up.

“And if you wasn’t getting shit done off of weed, it’s probably just ‘cause you don’t know how to get shit done,” he continued. “Some people eat too much and they get fat. You gotta know how to moderate that shit. So if you been smoking 10-15 years, tap in 15 years later if you not smoking weed and then make a fucking video.”

And it’s not just recent weed-quitters who Wiz Khalifa doesn’t have mercy for. He also takes no prisoners on the basketball court – even when his opponent happens to be his own kid.

A recent viral video shows the Pittsburgh native playing basketball with his son Sebastian and his friend Shawn, and Wiz is dominating the game with ease – complete with smack talking.

During the 1-on-2 pickup game, Wiz is heard taunting the kids saying, “Got ’em” and “Ya’ll don’t want none.”

In the caption of video, Wiz wrote: “No I aint taking easy on them. Kids be talking shit.”

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On the music side of things, Wiz finished 2022 with one more song for his fans, dropping “Never Drinking Again” just in time for New Year’s Eve. Check out the track here.

He also revealed that he would love to go toe to toe with Lil Wayne in a Verzuz battle.

In a recent interview with DJ Superstar Jay, Khalifa named Wayne as his ideal Verzuz opponent – though his reasons were based more on the performance than the competition aspect.

“I think that would be fun, yeah. Because Wayne is a really dope performer,” the Taylor Gang CEO said. “Me and him going back and forth performing bangers? That shit’d be hard! And we’d both smoke hella weed. I think that would be more of a concert than a Verzuz.”

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