YK Osiris and Sukihana are trending on Twitter today (June 14) over a video that has led to a lot of backlash for Osiris.

In the clip (as HipHopDX notes), Sukihana was commentating a Crew League basketball game in Atlanta this past weekend, alongside co-commentators Lil Duval, Funny Marco, and Buster Scher. Osiris stands behind Sukihana and rubs her shoulders before leaning forward, grabbing her jaw, and kissing her as she screamed and he smiled and laughed. He then continued rubbing her shoulders and went in for another forceful kiss before laughing and walking away.

Twitter users didn’t look to kindly on Osiris. One commented, “This is disgusting.. & Just because Suki is openly sexual that doesn’t give anyone the fucking right to violate her… This is unacceptable! Way too many people laughed instead of intervening & holding him accountable! This is rape culture!”

Others took issue with how the co-commentators handled the situation. One person wrote, “Suki was clearly uncomfortable but yet not only did you step in and stop the conversation, you laughed at it. Move the left and continue getting whacked.”

There was some victim blaming going on, but one user pushed back, “The amount of n****s saying Suki brings this energy on herself explains why there are so many rape cases. Consent needs to be integrated into sex education and start earlier in schools. Like no way mfs this grown watched sexual assault and then justified it. publicly.”

Source: uproxx.com