YK Osiris Worries Fans Following Cryptic Instagram Live Rant: ‘I Wanna Kill Myself’

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The YK Osiris is causing concern among fans over his wellbeing after he posted a video that is cryptic on his Facebook page in which he talks about being unhappy and dissatisfied with the way he lives.

The Florida native posted the message on an Instagram Live over the weekend when he was in a car , driving through Los Angeles. According to YK the rapper isn’t content with the current situation in his life and has stated that Drake as well as Lil Baby aren’t friends with him, or even talking to him.

To make things more worrying, YK Osiris admitted he’s had suicidal thoughts as he hid his tears.

“Y’all keep using that Drake shit huh, Drake don’t fuck with me either,” Osiris stated. “Me and Drake do not talk. me as well as Lil Baby don’t talk, no one in the industry plays with Osiris. There is no one else, so stop talking about me with that shite. You shouldn’t continue to use that such as stop. We don’t talk. Lil Baby don’t fuck with me anymore. Drake don’t mess with me. I’m done with fucking. Nobody is fucking with Osiris and why am I still living? Don’t you get it.”

YK was in the midst of crying out his eyes when he stated: “I wanna die. I want to take myself out. I want to leave this Earth. However, something is telling me…I do not know ….I cannot even look at my children. I’m seen as clowns. I’m a gifted person. It doesn’t matter since I’m not going to let my music go. I don’t do shit. I’ve not even done anything for two years in fucking, I’m n-gga. I understand why they don’t get me to fuck me. However, I’m not sure of the .”

He went on to say: “If I killed myself right now, if die immediately, how do everyone be feeling? There’s no way anyone would make a fuss… Then I’m here to let you know what people will be saying if I were to die today. now…If I committed suicide today, they’ll think”Good, he doesn’t have to settle any bills any more. They’re going to make tricks. “I don’t have to pay Drake for any more I don’t have to pay Drake anymore,’ they’ll tell you that bullshit. “I don’t have to worry about paying Lil Baby no more, they’ll say that bullshit…They are going to be the dumbest shit they’ve ever heard and the most hilarious shit.”

YK was able to stop his vehicle to give three kids on the street 500 dollars each. He also offered another $750 to the woman that noticed his kindness and asked for money in return. He said that the Def Jam artist wanted nothing to return, but a prayers.

“I only need to be content. All I want to do is be content,” he said after giving away the money. “My mother always tells me, ‘Osiris! Nobody will is going to fuck you. The only thing I ever tell her”Ah, I do not believe you. It’s true that nobody doesn’t care about me. She’s telling me”Osiris, no one fucks with you.. Stop doing music, bruh. Your shit wack.’ Now, I believe her. She’s certainly right. .”

As fans tried to find out the reason behind the man, YK Osiris posted another video explaining the reason his emotions ran through the roof during his initial IG Live tirade. According to YK the reason he did this was to let people understand why others who feel the same way.

“I just want to say this let’s not get this misconstrued that Osiris was being emotional, Osiris was crying because certain people don’t mess with him in the industry, that’s not true,” Osiris told reporters. “The reasons I was crying is and the reason I felt emotion was to show people that there are other people similarly feeling this way. I express an immense amount of love and many joy and happiness to those I truly am in love with, and I struggle with the people I admire but I’m not getting the same results.”

He added: “That’s the way I felt and I could feel the devil was trying to take me down. He’s trying to take my heart, however I’m going to allow him to do it. Satan is an deceiver I’m a King, I’m .”

The troubling rants of YK come after the rapper got new tattoos that depict Drake as well as Usher’s logos, the letters “u” and the OVO Owl. He posted an Instagram Story to showcase the brand new tattoo he received on his right leg. He also explained in a separate Story that he’s had talks between “legends” — presumably Drake and Usher regarding “success .”

YK Osiris Thinks Being ‘A True Artist’ Is More Important Than Selling Records

“When you get to seat at the same table with legends, and they talk to you about success, you will understand,” YK wrote.

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