YNW Melly Speaks Out Following Alleged Prison Escape Plot

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The YNW Melly has been slammed by the revelations of his possible plan to escape prison was revealed the week before.

Following the time that an Florida Sheriff’s Office made the claim during a court hearing on September 27th, Akademiks shared audio from his jail phone call that he had with rapper. In his speech the rapper expressed his gratitude for God as well as his fans for their support when he was in jail.

“This is YNW Melly,” YNW Melly declared during his call the 2nd of October (October 2.). “I would like to let my fans know the truth that God is real and that Jesus truly is, are aware of what I’m talking about? He has applied oil to my head Do you know me? He has cleaned my soul. He has allowed me to truly see why you are so fond of me, the reason why everyone likes my music is due to God. God gave me this gift. He’s the reason why I’m home. There’s no one other person.”

He said: “I love y’all, and I cherish you all so deeply. I am grateful to God for all of you each day. Thanks for all of you, be sure to keep me on your prayer list. Amen.”

On September 29th on, the Broward County Sheriff’s General Counsel’s Office issued a statement to Complex providing evidence that they discovered to support their claim that YNW Melly was trying to get away.

“On April 11, 2022, Broward Sheriff’s Office received a confidential tip regarding inmates Nicholas Lewis and [YNW Melly], both housed in the same unit at the Main Jail, planning an escape from jail by having Demons’ attorney bring in two handcuff keys to aid in the escape,” the statement says. “Additional information provided by the source was that Lewis had a shank and drugs.”

Jail officials received the information from an prisoner who conducted an thorough search of Lewis his cell. They found a six-inch shank and two razor blades. They also found two lighters as well as rolling papers. They also found Klonopin and Seroquel that were not prescribed to him. The cell of Melly was also searched and they only found food from the commissary as well as “excessive jail-issued clothing.”

YNW Melly’s Mother Says Prison Escape Story Was Devised To Tarnish Rapper’s Case

The charges came just a few two days following Melly had been accused of storing “shanks” and “a pipe bomb” inside his cell in jail.

“The confidential source gave us two pieces of information,” stated Christian Tsoubanos, Assistant General Counsel for the Broward Sherriff’s Office, during the hearing. “One of these [about the shanks and the drugs] was proven to be 100% real. When they conducted the search inside [YNW’scell, they could not find the key to the handcuff however it may be that there was no chance to take it to the facility.”

YNW Melly was imprisoned for three years in Broward, County Florida for three years following his arrest on charges of being accused of murdering two of his close friends, Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams.

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