YNW Melly’s Mother Says Prison Escape Story Was Devised To Tarnish Rapper’s Case

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YouTube Melly ‘s mother Jamie Demons King spoke out reaction to reports this week that her son was a part of an elaborate plot to get out of prison.

The following Thursday (September 30) the mother of the rapper posted a video to their personal Twitter pages, which addressed the allegations made by the Florida Sheriff’s Department concerning her son. The allegations were made public during an appearance in court the following Tuesday (September 27).

The main thrust of Jamie’s speech was focused on denying the allegations made in the hearing that purportedly attributed YNW Melly (real name is Jamell Maurice Demons) as the leader of an escape plot. Details of the plot claimed Melly tried to make use of his lawyer to sneak a pair handcuff keys to the prison for himself as well as Nicholas Lewis, who is an inmate of the Florida rapper’s prison.

“Ok, so I’m at work and I just seen this crazy ass story — first of all, this is just another tactic for them to try to literally tarnish my son’s character and everything,” Jamie explained in the first part. “They do not want him having attorney visits in person, which will cause for ineffective counsel.”

Jamie continued to comment about the state’s past attempts to detain YNW Melly and strip him of rights that let him effectively contact his family members and legal counsel. “So we took the State to court over this, and they seized his calls and are putting him in jail. There was no proof whatsoever that his lawyers did anything wrong to justify these allegations, but they were aware that they would be spotted in the press.”

She continued: “So when we get ready to choose the jury, hopefully within the next two weeks, the verdict will be “Oh that kid tried to get away. This kid tried to do these actions.’ … It’s fake because they don’t have any evidence. It’s still Melly for free. Melly until he’s released.”

The information that was presented at the hearing last month that Jamie insists is false is believed to have come from an anonymous tip submitted by Broward Sheriff’s Office. Broward Sheriff’s Office back in April.

In addition to the claim that YNW Melly and inmate Nicholas Lewis were the ones who orchestrated the plot to escape, Broward Sheriff’s Office also allegedly discovered weapons and drugs in the search of prison cells of the inmate following another tip that they were given.

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“The confidential source gave us two pieces of information,” stated Christian Tsoubanos, Assistant General Counsel for the Broward Sherriff’s Office, during the hearing held last month. “One of them [on the shank and drugs] proved to be 100% accurate. When they conducted the search in Demons cell, they were unable to locate the key to the handcuff However, it could be because there was no opportunity to get it into the facility until now.”

YNW Melly has been imprisoned for three years in Broward, County Florida for three years following his charged with murdering his previous YNW team members Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams.

There have been a variety of exciting events in the double murder case of Melly throughout the past couple of months. One of them was that the death penalty was removed out of the trial in July just after prosecution presented evidence that accused Melly of orchestrating the murder of Mother, Jamie, in June.

The month before, YNW Melly was also accused of storing weapons, including pipe bombs and shanks inside his cell following an anonymous inmate allegedly lodged a grievance against Melly alleging that he was the owner of the weapons.

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