Yung Miami Dragged On Twitter For Proclaiming She Wants To Be ‘The Black Oprah’

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The Yung Miami has caused a lot of controversy during an interview she gave recently in which she claimed she had aspirations to be”the “Black Oprah.”

The City Girls rapper was speaking to XXL about her REVOLT podcast Caresha, Please when she stated: “I want to take it to the next level. I’d like to be like I think she’s got a podcast similar to Wendy Williams. I’m imagining of the big. I’d like to reach the top of the list. I would like to be the Black Oprah.”

Of course that “Black Oprah” comment drew immediate condemnation and became becoming a popular Twitter issue. One person said: “Y’all not gonna sit here and denigrate Oprah’s blackness and the challenges she had to overcome to become the first black woman to appear on the air. Brain of a bird,” while another said: “That Black Oprah shit is stupid. What she meant is Ghetto Oprah. Black isn’t synonymous with hoods and ghettos. Take the shit out of it.”

Yung Miami took on the backlash the night of Tuesday (September 27) by tweeting: “The next ((((BLACK )))) Oprah.” If someone responded: “You can just say Oprah mam lol,” Miami responded: “I don’t like being basic like you all hoes! My shit has always had some twists!”

Yung Miami Also, Yung Miami disclosed the history of The Caresha, Please podcast, which was born out of a conversation between her and the REVOLT owner Diddy her current partner.

“People just loving to hear me talk, you know?” she explained. “Whenever I speak or when I’m on Instagram Live it goes viral. Then, one day I was talking to Diddy and he said”Hey, I think you could make podcasts. It’s a good idea for you.’ And it was how it came out. It was simply a conversation that was getting noticed because of the way I speak and the engagement I would get from Instagram Live.”

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In another interview, she spoke about the rough time she experienced in August. In her tweets in the moment she was going through “a mental breakdown.”

“I feel like I work a lot, so, I never really get time to go through my emotions,” she said. “I’m always moving from plane to plane or city-to-city, and state to state. It was the kind of day when I just got off the plane and was required to return to an plane later that day. As I made it to my destination, I was late for my flight.

“I tried to catch another flight, but I missed my flight. It was one of those times. And I was thinking, “hey, I’m simply having an awful day, and it was all falling down on me since I’ve never had the opportunity to spend time with myself. This was just one of the times when I was really depressed and had to leave from work.”

City Girls released their sophomore album, City On Lock, in 2020. Since they released their album, their fame has only grown. In October, Yung Miami released her debut single as a solo artist, “Rap Freaks” and an accompanying music video. The track peaked at the top of the charts at. 81 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Miami’s first appearance as an artist on her own.

Yung Miami’s popularity however, doesn’t stop her from being harassed by Twitter. See some of the responses below:

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