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The player is loaded…

Yung Miami isn’t there for it.

On the weekend, the loved ones of the late Takeoff’s family, friends as well as fans and loved ones came together to remember his life with a homegoing ceremony.

Labelmates like Yung Miami, and JT were present at the service to express their support and love in support of Takeoff and the family. “Haven’t been feeling well but I came out for take off & it was a bitter sweet moment ….I love my QC family” JT says JT after the funeral. Yung Miami posted a photo on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Everyday the sun won’t shine, but that’s why I’m so excited for tomorrow.” …”

The singer from Miami was slammed after posting the image on Instagram. One user wrote, “we know you’re not the brightest, but posting a funeral fit for likes… Doesn’t get more tacky than this.” Another commenter writes, “It’s all these celebrities using Takeoff’s funeral as a photo opp, posting [song] lyrics like he is their social media photo dump.”

Yung Miami responded by saying, “I came and showed my support and that’s all that matters!” she expressed her opinion on The Neighborhood Talk’s remarks. “What I do after the funeral doesn’t have anything to do with it. have anything to do with it! !”

“When my baby father died I did the same shit actually, I was shaking y ass on the car,” her exasperation continued. “What I wear and taking photos has nothing to do with relate to me coming to help and be there for someone in need I’m NEXT.”